Introducing the Commercial STS Plate Loaded Leg Training Package

To celebrate the launch of Perfect Gym Solutions we are offering a massive £400.00 off our Commercial STS Plate Loaded Leg Training Package.

This package includes the awesome York Barbell STS 35 Degree Leg Press and STS Power Front Squat / Hack Squat Machines.

STS Leg Training Package


York STS 35 Degree Leg Press

  • Large loading capacity of 545kg (1200lb)
  • Heavy duty linear bearings ensures a smooth movement.
  • Urethane wheels guide the loaded plate up the main frame effortlessly.
  • Balanced foot plate means a Leg Press can be performed single or double legged.
  • Non-slip foot for narrow or wide grip stance.
  • Grab handles either side of the seat pad for stability.
  • 4 x angled weight pegs for storage that are attached directly to the carriage/foot plate for constant weight loading through the movement.
  • Multi adjustable back rest for comfort whilst allowing more muscle groups to be recruited.
  • Easy to operate adjustable carriage stops eliminating the chance of repetition failure and crushing.
  • Weight storage pins for multiple weight plate increments.

Weight – 310kg  L 249cm x W 139cm x H 142cm

York STS Power Front Squat / Hack Squat Machine

  • Combines two leg movements, front squat and hack squat in one unit.
  • Large adjustable, non-skid footplate accommodates multiple foot positions for any size user.
  • Built-in weight storage.
  • Two-tier safety catch.

Weight – 189.9kg  L 200cm x W 132cm x H 162.6cm

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 11.38.19
STS 35 Degree Leg Press
STS Power Front Squat / Hack Squat Machine


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Commercial Plate Loaded Leg Machine Package




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