Custom Rig Installation Boditone Fitness Centre

Boditone Fitness Centre

Boditone Fitness Centre, based in Hanham Bristol is an awesome facility with superb Classes and Personal Trainers. Owner Sarah Walker contacted us at Perfect Gym Solutions to design and manufacture a Functional Training Rig to increase training variation during her group training and PT sessions.

The challenge we had was to create a Custom Rig System which would fit into a limited space in the strength training room in the gym that would allow multiple people to train on it at any one time. In addition to the space this Rig had to be free standing rather than wall mounted. To achieve the desired result we designed a Compact 2 Cell Free Standing Rig with Close Hole Spacing, heavy duty J Hooks, Adjustable Dipping Bar, Portable Core Trainer, Climbing Rope Pull Up Cross Member and Pull Up Bars. In addition to this we utilised a single pull up bar to connect to a Compact Half Rack Rig.

About Boditone Fitness Centre

Boditone Fitness Centre is a stunning community gym situated within Hanham Hall, Hanham, Bristol, featuring four workout rooms with state-of-the-art fitness equipment. They offer a wide range of membership packages and an outstanding Personal Trainers who can offer professional services to clients from all types of abilities and fitness levels. If you live in Hanham area of Bristol the check this gem of a gym out – Contact Boditone Fitness Centre Today . Follow Boditone on Facebook and Instagram

If you have limited space in your gym, studio or even garage gym and would like to have a Functional Training Rig installed to increase your training options and revenue then CONTACT PERFECT GYM SOLUTIONS today.


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