elitefts™ Blog – Test of Time: The Power Rack

This is a great blog written by Brittani Rable of  Elitefts about the historical importance of the Power Rack with particular reference to the amazing ELITEFTS™ 3×3 Collegiate Power Rack .

Walk into any gym and you’ll see some sort of power rack; it’s simply not complete without one. Even more so, for at-home workouts, lifters are choosing power racks. Although they’ve changed over time, first gaining widespread popularity in the 1960s as isometric racks, there’s a reason power racks have stuck around through thick and thin: They just get shit done. Unlike most other pieces of equipment, you can get all of your basic lifts and more in with just a single.

Taking a Look Back in Time

elitefts was founded in 1998 on the premises of education in powerlifting. Shortly after, in 2001, we began selling equipment. Back in those days, we offered up a simple two-by-two rack supplied from a local retail supplier. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out past a few short years since the manufacturer that supplied the retailer went out of business without telling anyone. This left our customers without their product for four to five months, when the typical delivery time consisted of 10 to 12 weeks.

With thousands of dollars out on these delayed racks, the need for a new manufacturing partner was imminent. Consequently, Dave (cofounder of elitefts) bumped around a few different smaller suppliers before finding the right partner that was reliable from a customer service standpoint. That partner was Williams Strength.

As we mentioned, education is the core of everything we do at elitefts. By that we mean we aren’t manufacturers. We are trainers and athletes, not engineers. We know lifting, not welding. You wouldn’t expect a lifter to know how to weld a rack in addition to using one, would you? Their passion is lifting, not shop work. As such, we want to leave that part to the experts. That’s why we combined our training expertise with the manufacturing know-how of Williams Strength.

Like we said, during these pivotal early stages we started with a two-by-two rack. However, it wasn’t just any old two-by-two. Our rack had (and still has) revolutionary modifications that no modern rack is complete without

Follow this link to read the rest of the Blog – https://www.elitefts.com/education/test-of-time-power-rack/ 

To purchase the ELITEFTS™ 3×3 Collegiate Power Rack click the image below. 

ELITEFTS™ 3×3 Collegiate Power Rack

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