Exigo UK Studio Storage from Perfect Gym Solutions

Exigo UK Studio Storage from Perfect Gym Solutions

Exigo UK Studio Storage is designed for modern fitness facilities where the need to maximise space efficiently and offer storage functionality is a priority. These are custom made units which have a wide range of options to store everything from Kettlebells, Dumbbellls, Wall Balls, Bumper Plates to fixed barbells.


FREE STANDING - Without compromise, a total storage solution that can be placed in any location without the need for permanent fixing
WALL MOUNTED - Take advantage of redundant space with a simple wall mounted storage solution. Can only be used on solid walls, not stud walls
SPACE SAVING - Effective storage solutions for an entire range of functional and training accessories with the need for only one bay.
EASY CONFIGURATION - Adjustable storage allows variability within every section, configure your system how you want it. What you would like to store
STORAGE SUITABILITY - Accommodates all major brands of studio equipment and accessories including but not limited to, Jordan, TRX, Bosu, York
FUTURE ADAPTATIONS As your facility grows the requirements for storage options change. Our modular systems allow for endless configurations.

Select your configuration. To start to create your unit you need to decide whether you require a Wall Mounted or Free Standing unit. If you select a wall mounted unit you need insure that the wall it will be fixed to is solid and not a stud wall. Once you have selected your basic configuration you can then decide what you would like to store. We have options to store, dumbbells, kettlebells, bosu balls, fixed barbells, slam balls, wall balls, medicine balls, exercise mats and much more. Your options are featured below. 

Wall / Floor Mount Uprights Minimum of 2 Uprights, +1 additional upright for every bay. Bays available in 1.5 or 2 metres.
Free Standing Uprights Minimum of 2 Uprights, +1 additional upright for every bay. Bays available in 1.5 or 2 metres.
200 Storage Rail
200 Storage Rail 1.5M : 5 Medicine Balls 2M : 7 Medicine Balls
300 Storage Rail 1.5M : 4 Large Medicine Balls 2M : 5 Wall Balls
400 Storage Rail
400 Storage Rail 1.5M : 2 Gym Balls 2M : 3 Gym Balls
Dumbbell / Kettlebell Tray 1.5M : 4 DB's or 10 KB's 2M 6 DB's or 12 KB's
Studio Plate / Resistance Band Storage 1.5m or 2m Options
Dumbbell Rail Inc Saddles
Dumbbell Rail Inc Saddles 1.5m or 2m Options
Large Storage Bin 1.5M or 2M Options available
Studio Mat Storage 1.5M : 14 Mats 2M : 21 Mats
Vented Boxing Glove Rail
Vented Boxing Glove Rail 1.5M : 10 Pairs 2M : 13 Pair of Gloves
ViPR™ Storage
ViPR™ Storage Rack 1.5M : 5 ViPR™ 2M : 7 ViPR™
Storage Bin 30 Series - Store Collars, Foam Rollers, AB Wheels etc.
Battle Rope Storage and Resistance Bands
Storage Tray Toast Rack - Tray Sold Separately
Tri Bar Suspension Point
Tri Bar Suspension Point - For Pull Ups and TRX
Tri Bar Suspension Point
Tri Bar Suspension Point (Personalised Branding)
Vertical Dumbbell Rail
Vertical Dumbbell Rail - 5 Pair of Dumbbells
Large Storage Tray 1.5M or 2M Assorted Storage
Vertical Barbell / Dumbbell Rail 1.5M 6 Barbells or Dumbbells 2M : 9 Bars
Bosu / Olympic Bumper Plate Rack 1.5M and 2M
Example Studio Storage System, Balls, Bells, Trays etc.

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