Inferno Fitness Training Subscriptions

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At Perfect Gym Solutions we love to support and promote some of the great work and services our clients offer to customers and the wider community of people wanting to improve health, strength, fitness & wellbeing. And Inferno Fitness in Hersham Surrey is just one of those gyms. 

Inferno Fitness has been a key customer of ours for a number of years and we are proud to support the launch of the Inferno Fitness Training Subscription Service

Inferno Fitness Training Subscriptions

Since opening Inferno Fitness in June of 2015, the small community based gym located in Hersham, Surrey has grown from strength to strength priding itself in being a staple part of the community of Hersham.  This inclusive gym caters to all those who want to make a difference in their lives and promote their health to be able to give them a better quality of life outside of the gym environment, supplying them with improved health metrics, more energy, lower stress levels and also a promoted quality of sleep.

The Founder, Luke Stapleton mentors and instils in his team the importance of putting their clients and members health first.  This is their collective driving force to make a difference in the amazing people they come in contact with.  Each with their own individual story to tell and journey to take towards whatever goal it is they may have.  Whilst, all the while being educated in how their bodies are designed to function, what health metrics they should be keeping an eye on and knowing that with any goal it is very much a long game.  The team at Inferno fitness want you to feel that you’ll never have to yoyo diet again, your nutrition protocols are sustainable and individualised to you and each day you are making steps towards your end goal.  Whether that be to drop body fat, build muscle, strength increases, mobility increases or an event that you’d like to train toward and compete in.

With that being said, Luke has been hard at work designing multiple intelligently built training programs which draws upon his 15 years’ worth of experience as a coach.  So, even if you’re not a member with Inferno Fitness, you can subscribe to one of the training programs to help you build toward your goals and help you to feel a part of this ever growing team and amazing community.

The Training subscriptions in detail can be found on their website, and the range from 3months to 12months training, these subscriptions are extremely affordable and amazing value for money starting at £25/month. 

3 Month subscriptions:

  • Inferno Glutes
  • Inferno Muscle
  • Inferno Pole Strong

6 Months:

  • Inferno Beach Bikini
  • Inferno Modified Strongman

12 Months:

  • Inferno Fat Loss in Gym
  • Inferno Fat Loss At home
  • Inferno Run
  • Inferno Strong

Rolling monthly:

  • Inferno Nutrition is a rolling monthly subscription to supplement your lifestyle and training requirements and aid in building you toward your overall goal

Inferno Online Coaching

This service delves into a lot more depth for you as an individual and supply’s you with weekly video call check in with your inferno coach which will keep you accountable as you’ll be required to send in progress pictures so your training and nutritional protocols can be adjusted as needed to keep you on track.

These are intelligently laid out subscriptions and I would encourage you to go and check them out, it might very well be the change you need to get you achieving the goals you have laid out.