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Perfect Gym Solutions – The Power Rack Shop

The Power Rack Shop

The Power Rack is one of the most important pieces of strength equipment that you should have in any weight room. The sheer number of exercises that can be performed in a Power Rack is enormous which makes it one of the most versatile items of strength equipment. Squat, bench, pull, push, row, are the fundamental movements of any strength training programme and these can all be performed in a power rack. 

At Perfect Gym Solutions we have a massive range of Power Racks for you to select from. We sell Power Rack systems from amazing brands like eliteFTS, Hammer Strength, York Barbell, Exigo UK, and much more. Whether you would like a Half, Full or Double Rack System we have what you need. You can check out some of our range below. 

York Barbell FTS Power Cage
Extreme EX-PR-400 Power Rack
Extreme EX-PR-400 Power Rack
Extreme EX-PR-200 Half Power Rack
Extreme EX-PR-200 Half Power Rack
Crossmaxx® Half Rack
Crossmaxx® Half Rack
Jordan Fitness Power Rack
Jordan Fitness Power Rack
ELITEFTS™ 3x3 Collegiate Power Rack
ELITEFTS™ 3×3 Collegiate Power Rack
Nautilus Power Cage
Nautilus Power Cage
Nautilus Half Rack
UKSF M1 Half Rack
UKSF M1 Half Rack
Exigo UK Pro Power Rack
Exigo UK Pro Power Rack
Extreme EX-PR-600 Power Rack
Forge Fitness Elite Power Rack
Exigo Pro Half Rack
Forge Fitness Elite Half Rack
Forge Fitness Elite Power Rack System
Tunturi RC20 Crossfit Rack
York Barbell STS Power Rack
York Barbell STS Double Half Rack
Power Rack with Platform
York Barbell STS Half Rack

Need a Power Rack for your gym then get in touch with us today. 

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Exigo UK Studio Storage from Perfect Gym Solutions

Exigo UK Studio Storage from Perfect Gym Solutions

Exigo UK Studio Storage is designed for modern fitness facilities where the need to maximise space efficiently and offer storage functionality is a priority. These are custom made units which have a wide range of options to store everything from Kettlebells, Dumbbellls, Wall Balls, Bumper Plates to fixed barbells.


FREE STANDING - Without compromise, a total storage solution that can be placed in any location without the need for permanent fixing
WALL MOUNTED - Take advantage of redundant space with a simple wall mounted storage solution. Can only be used on solid walls, not stud walls
SPACE SAVING - Effective storage solutions for an entire range of functional and training accessories with the need for only one bay.
EASY CONFIGURATION - Adjustable storage allows variability within every section, configure your system how you want it. What you would like to store
STORAGE SUITABILITY - Accommodates all major brands of studio equipment and accessories including but not limited to, Jordan, TRX, Bosu, York
FUTURE ADAPTATIONS As your facility grows the requirements for storage options change. Our modular systems allow for endless configurations.

Select your configuration. To start to create your unit you need to decide whether you require a Wall Mounted or Free Standing unit. If you select a wall mounted unit you need insure that the wall it will be fixed to is solid and not a stud wall. Once you have selected your basic configuration you can then decide what you would like to store. We have options to store, dumbbells, kettlebells, bosu balls, fixed barbells, slam balls, wall balls, medicine balls, exercise mats and much more. Your options are featured below. 

Wall / Floor Mount Uprights Minimum of 2 Uprights, +1 additional upright for every bay. Bays available in 1.5 or 2 metres.
Free Standing Uprights Minimum of 2 Uprights, +1 additional upright for every bay. Bays available in 1.5 or 2 metres.
200 Storage Rail
200 Storage Rail 1.5M : 5 Medicine Balls 2M : 7 Medicine Balls
300 Storage Rail 1.5M : 4 Large Medicine Balls 2M : 5 Wall Balls
400 Storage Rail
400 Storage Rail 1.5M : 2 Gym Balls 2M : 3 Gym Balls
Dumbbell / Kettlebell Tray 1.5M : 4 DB's or 10 KB's 2M 6 DB's or 12 KB's
Studio Plate / Resistance Band Storage 1.5m or 2m Options
Dumbbell Rail Inc Saddles
Dumbbell Rail Inc Saddles 1.5m or 2m Options
Large Storage Bin 1.5M or 2M Options available
Studio Mat Storage 1.5M : 14 Mats 2M : 21 Mats
Vented Boxing Glove Rail
Vented Boxing Glove Rail 1.5M : 10 Pairs 2M : 13 Pair of Gloves
ViPR™ Storage
ViPR™ Storage Rack 1.5M : 5 ViPR™ 2M : 7 ViPR™
Storage Bin 30 Series - Store Collars, Foam Rollers, AB Wheels etc.
Battle Rope Storage and Resistance Bands
Storage Tray Toast Rack - Tray Sold Separately
Tri Bar Suspension Point
Tri Bar Suspension Point - For Pull Ups and TRX
Tri Bar Suspension Point
Tri Bar Suspension Point (Personalised Branding)
Vertical Dumbbell Rail
Vertical Dumbbell Rail - 5 Pair of Dumbbells
Large Storage Tray 1.5M or 2M Assorted Storage
Vertical Barbell / Dumbbell Rail 1.5M 6 Barbells or Dumbbells 2M : 9 Bars
Bosu / Olympic Bumper Plate Rack 1.5M and 2M
Example Studio Storage System, Balls, Bells, Trays etc.

Enquire today to find out more about the Exigo UK Studio Storage

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Equipment Financing

At Perfect Gym Solutions we have partnered with a number of companies to offer our commercial customers with financial packages in order for them to fund gym equipment. There a number of benefits to a commercial business in utilising financing; 

  • Fixed rates for the duration of agreement
  • Major tax benefits – each payment Is 100% tax deductible
  • The equipment can be earning your next payment from day one
  • No need to have bank loans, overdrafts or pay cash
  • Fast application turnaround Spread the cost of your equipment purchase
  • Protect existing lines of credit and preserve cash flow for business growth

Financing Example for a start up business


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Elitefts™ Blog – The Physical Requirements That Make a Rugby Player Great

Elitefts™ Blog - The Physical Requirements That Make a Rugby Player Great

As we approach the start of the 2020 Guiness Six Nations Rugby Union Championships I thought I would take a look at the intensive training the players endure in order for them to succeed at this most physical of games. To help me do that I have referred to the experts at Elitefts™ to outline all the significant training factors. Ashley Jones is a Strength and Conditioning coach with over 25 years of experience who was awarded NSCA Coach of the Year in 2016. In January 2017, Marc Keys and Ashley embarked upon a labor of love to develop a questionnaire investigating what the various groups of people who make up the rugby industry think are the key elements of the physical preparation of the rugby player. Blog below. 

It has taken a while to compile and apologies to all those who replied to the questionnaire, so any inaccuracies in the reporting are entirely my own. We used a 1 to 5 scale, with 1 being least important and 5 being most important; all averages are rounded to one decimal place.

Of course, with this type of survey/questionnaire, there are likely to be some inaccuracies: Was there collusion between players doing it at the same time? Have players and strength and conditioning coaches responded as accurately as possible? Did players have preferential biases behind the answers, such as “I like training for this, but not for this”?

The survey was sent internationally, but one flaw in the reporting process was that the competition that each respondee was currently involved in was not requested. Many aspects are open for individual interpretation, but I sincerely believe that it is a solid starting point to open discussions with groups to attempt to get the best possible training plan in place to optimize rugby performance.

World Rugby lists the key physical fitness components required to play the game of rugby as:

  • Strength and power
  • Speed and agility
  • Endurance — general endurance and multi-sprint/activity

In my words: fitter, faster, and stronger, but to break this down further, we needed to categorize elements within each component of fitness. For this particular survey, the following areas were investigated:

  • Strength: maximal strength, power, muscular endurance
  • Metabolic: aerobic ability to recover, repeated efforts ability to complete high-intensity efforts back to back, contact fitness
  • Speed: first step quickness (0-5m), acceleration (5-20m), top-end (30+m)
  • Agility: acceleration/deceleration, lateral (slide/shadowing in D), footwork/sidestep

To read the rest of the article follow this link –

Check out the top 4 strength and conditioning picks for rugby training below:

ELITEFTS™ Signature Posterior Chain Developer PCD
Over the years, Ashley has found that the biggest area rugby players need more work in is posterior chain development. There’s no better way to tackle that area than with the PCD. With this piece of equipment, you can use two of the most important exercises for the glute and hamstring combination area. It’ll help you greatly enhance the strength of the glutes and hamstring and improve overall injury prevention and performance enhancement.
It’d be a mistake if Ashley failed to include the prowler in his top-5 pieces of equipment. Rugby requires a lot of horizontal components, such as running and tackling. If you only focus on vertical components, such as the squat, you’re not going to get the full benefits of exercise. As for getting that horizontal component, that’s where the prowler comes in. It’s great for long and short distances and as a conditioning tool.
ELITEFTS™ American Cambered Grip Bar
The ELITEFTS™ American Cambered Grip Bar is great for Ashley’s rugby players because nearly every rugby player will end up with a shoulder and/or neck injury. He recommends using this bar for the bench press in particular because that position, along with the Multi-Grip Log Bar, takes more stress off the shoulder joints and brings the elbows in. It also works the triceps and allows for more grip variations.
ELITEFTS™ Tri Plyo Cube
Experience 3 different levels of training intensity with our versatile ELITEFTS™ Tri Plyo Cube. It adjusts to 3 different training heights – 20”, 24” and 30”, by simply flipping the cube. This plyo box is ideal for exploive training and can also be used for conditioning work. The durable, high density, solid foam construction is designed to prevent injury. By reducing the fear of injury, it motivates and challenges the user to overachieve. Perfect for box jumps, box pushups, step ups.
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elitefts™ Blog – Test of Time: The Power Rack

This is a great blog written by Brittani Rable of  Elitefts about the historical importance of the Power Rack with particular reference to the amazing ELITEFTS™ 3×3 Collegiate Power Rack .

Walk into any gym and you’ll see some sort of power rack; it’s simply not complete without one. Even more so, for at-home workouts, lifters are choosing power racks. Although they’ve changed over time, first gaining widespread popularity in the 1960s as isometric racks, there’s a reason power racks have stuck around through thick and thin: They just get shit done. Unlike most other pieces of equipment, you can get all of your basic lifts and more in with just a single.

Taking a Look Back in Time

elitefts was founded in 1998 on the premises of education in powerlifting. Shortly after, in 2001, we began selling equipment. Back in those days, we offered up a simple two-by-two rack supplied from a local retail supplier. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out past a few short years since the manufacturer that supplied the retailer went out of business without telling anyone. This left our customers without their product for four to five months, when the typical delivery time consisted of 10 to 12 weeks.

With thousands of dollars out on these delayed racks, the need for a new manufacturing partner was imminent. Consequently, Dave (cofounder of elitefts) bumped around a few different smaller suppliers before finding the right partner that was reliable from a customer service standpoint. That partner was Williams Strength.

As we mentioned, education is the core of everything we do at elitefts. By that we mean we aren’t manufacturers. We are trainers and athletes, not engineers. We know lifting, not welding. You wouldn’t expect a lifter to know how to weld a rack in addition to using one, would you? Their passion is lifting, not shop work. As such, we want to leave that part to the experts. That’s why we combined our training expertise with the manufacturing know-how of Williams Strength.

Like we said, during these pivotal early stages we started with a two-by-two rack. However, it wasn’t just any old two-by-two. Our rack had (and still has) revolutionary modifications that no modern rack is complete without

Follow this link to read the rest of the Blog – 

To purchase the ELITEFTS™ 3×3 Collegiate Power Rack click the image below. 

ELITEFTS™ 3×3 Collegiate Power Rack

More legendary ELITEFTS™ Strength Equipment below

ELITEFTS™ Collegiate 0-90 Bench Black
ELITEFTS™ Collegiate 0-90 Bench (adjustable bench)
ELITEFTS™ Signature Competition Bench Black
ELITEFTS™ Signature Competition Bench
ELITEFTS™ American Cambered Grip Bar
ELITEFTS™ American Cambered Grip Bar
ELITEFTS™ Signature Posterior Chain Developer PCD Black
ELITEFTS™ Signature Posterior Chain Developer PCD
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