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Custom Rig Installation Boditone Fitness Centre

Boditone Fitness Centre

Boditone Fitness Centre, based in Hanham Bristol is an awesome facility with superb Classes and Personal Trainers. Owner Sarah Walker contacted us at Perfect Gym Solutions to design and manufacture a Functional Training Rig to increase training variation during her group training and PT sessions.

The challenge we had was to create a Custom Rig System which would fit into a limited space in the strength training room in the gym that would allow multiple people to train on it at any one time. In addition to the space this Rig had to be free standing rather than wall mounted. To achieve the desired result we designed a Compact 2 Cell Free Standing Rig with Close Hole Spacing, heavy duty J Hooks, Adjustable Dipping Bar, Portable Core Trainer, Climbing Rope Pull Up Cross Member and Pull Up Bars. In addition to this we utilised a single pull up bar to connect to a Compact Half Rack Rig.

About Boditone Fitness Centre

Boditone Fitness Centre is a stunning community gym situated within Hanham Hall, Hanham, Bristol, featuring four workout rooms with state-of-the-art fitness equipment. They offer a wide range of membership packages and an outstanding Personal Trainers who can offer professional services to clients from all types of abilities and fitness levels. If you live in Hanham area of Bristol the check this gem of a gym out – Contact Boditone Fitness Centre Today . Follow Boditone on Facebook and Instagram

If you have limited space in your gym, studio or even garage gym and would like to have a Functional Training Rig installed to increase your training options and revenue then CONTACT PERFECT GYM SOLUTIONS today.

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York Barbell a History of Weightlifting

York Barbell: A History of Weightlifting

Perfect Gym Solutions is a proud supplier of the York Barbell Commercial and Light Commercial range of Strength and Gym Equipment. This awesome brand offers a wide range of quality gym equipment and their longevity in the industry is testament to their excellence – reading about the history of York Barbell is like reading about the history of modern weightlifting.

york Picture1_copy

York Barbell was founded in 1932 by Bob Hoffman, who at the time was a prolific author of articles and books instilling the importance of exercise and nutrition. It was during the Los Angeles Olympics in 1932 that Hoffman noticed how the teams from other countries excelled in comparison to the American weightlifting team, so that same year Hoffman established the York Barbell Company and began promoting weightlifting across the USA. To further the improvements in performance, Hoffman reached out to ostracised minorities of the time to train and compete at York Barbell.

york Picture4a

During the Second World War, York Barbell supplied barbells to the United States military to to help the service personnel increase strength; when the war ended, the demand for barbells increased due to the military personnel, who had experienced the benefits of weightlifting, returning home.

From the 1930s through the 1970s, York Barbell sponsored over 40 USA national championships and numerous Olympic gold medalists. Hoffman became the Coach of the US Olympic Weightlifting Team during America’s Golden Age of Weightlifting in 1948, 1952, 1956, 1960 and 1964 Games.

york Picture2york Picture3

Throughout its history, York Barbell has revolutionised the design of training equipment and products. From the early glove barbell designs to today’s precision plates, innovative grip plates, finely crafted bars, and residential and commercial free weight equipment, York Barbell has consistently set the standard in product styling, performance, and value.

Today York Barbell boasts an extended list of customers and has supplied gym equipment to thousands of Collegiate, High School and Commercial Gyms around the World, and many Elite Teams across sporting genres, including NFL, NBA, NCAA Football and Basketball, SRFU, IRFU, Premiership Rugby Clubs, Premiership and League Football Teams.

At Perfect Gym Solutions, we sell the full range of York Barbell Commercial Strength Equipment. The STS Range is just the answer for Commercial Gyms which want to feature tried and tested gym equipment, confident that there will be no bad surprises. The STS Power Racks and Half Racks in particular are incredibly heavy duty and are superb in any strength and conditioning facility.

York Facility USA

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Perfect Gym Solutions Installation – Torque Training Bristol

From Concept to Completion.

Torque Training located in the City of Bristol is the brainchild of brothers Anthony and Nick Fenton Wells. At Torque Training the goal is to help people achieve their fitness goals through quality training systems and coaching.

Perfect Gym Solutions started working with the brothers at a very early stage of planning and designing this fantastic facility. Located inside the recently converted The General Hospital in Bristol City Centre, Torque Training is positioned in the ideal location for people living and working in the Bristol area.

From the outset we wanted to create an aesthetic but very functional serious training facility to mirror the owners goals.

Perfect Gym Solutions designed and supplied the following equipment;

Torque Training has everything you need to help you get in the best shape of your life.

If you live in the Bristol area and want to check out this brilliant facility then you can contact Torque Training via;

Commercial Unit 3, No 7. The General, Lower Guinea Street, BS1 6FU

Opening gym and require some help with design and equipment selection then Contact Perfect Gym Solutions Today


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Introducing the Commercial STS Plate Loaded Leg Training Package

To celebrate the launch of Perfect Gym Solutions we are offering a massive £400.00 off our Commercial STS Plate Loaded Leg Training Package.

This package includes the awesome York Barbell STS 35 Degree Leg Press and STS Power Front Squat / Hack Squat Machines.

STS Leg Training Package


York STS 35 Degree Leg Press

  • Large loading capacity of 545kg (1200lb)
  • Heavy duty linear bearings ensures a smooth movement.
  • Urethane wheels guide the loaded plate up the main frame effortlessly.
  • Balanced foot plate means a Leg Press can be performed single or double legged.
  • Non-slip foot for narrow or wide grip stance.
  • Grab handles either side of the seat pad for stability.
  • 4 x angled weight pegs for storage that are attached directly to the carriage/foot plate for constant weight loading through the movement.
  • Multi adjustable back rest for comfort whilst allowing more muscle groups to be recruited.
  • Easy to operate adjustable carriage stops eliminating the chance of repetition failure and crushing.
  • Weight storage pins for multiple weight plate increments.

Weight – 310kg  L 249cm x W 139cm x H 142cm

York STS Power Front Squat / Hack Squat Machine

  • Combines two leg movements, front squat and hack squat in one unit.
  • Large adjustable, non-skid footplate accommodates multiple foot positions for any size user.
  • Built-in weight storage.
  • Two-tier safety catch.

Weight – 189.9kg  L 200cm x W 132cm x H 162.6cm

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 11.38.19
STS 35 Degree Leg Press
STS Power Front Squat / Hack Squat Machine


Contact Us Today to find out more

Commercial Plate Loaded Leg Machine Package