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Customer Profile – The Studio, Moreton in Marsh

The Studio is a fantastic gym located in the picturesque town of Moreton in March in the stunning Cotswolds. Developed and founded by owner Steve Harrison, The Studio is a premium, gym and fitness studio that has a limited membership focussing on creating an environment for members to achieve fitness and well being goals. 

Perfect Gym Solutions supplied a wide range of equipment to meet the training requirements of this fantastic gym. Check out some images of this superb gym below: 

the studio logo

Perfect Gym Solutions supplied The Studio with the following range of equipment from out 10 Athlete Box Package

  • 14ft UKSF Freestanding Rig 
  • 800kg UKSF Black Bumper Plates 
  • UKSF Olympic Bars (Mens Bar) x 7
  • UKSF Olympic Bars (Women’s Bar) x 3 
  • Aluminium Technique Bar x 3
  • 6ft Hex Bar x 1 
  • Spring Collars x 14
  • Cast Iron Kettlebells 8kg x 2 
  • Cast Iron Kettlebells 12kg x 2
  • Cast Iron Kettlebells 16kg x 2
  • Cast Iron Kettlebells 20kg x 2
  • Cast Iron Kettlebells 24kg x 2
  • Gym Rings x 4
  • 500kg Rubber Hex Dumbbells x 1
  • Wooden 3:1 Plyo Box x 6 
  • Wall Balls 3 – 12kg 
  • Flat Bench x 4
  • GHD x 1
  • Speed Ropes x 10 
  • AB Mat x 10 
  • Bolt Air Bike
  • 80 Msq Mulco Primal 15mm Tiles

If you live near the Moreton in Marsh area in the Cotswolds and would like to find out more about this premium training facility then contact them today: 

Address: Fosseway Buisness Park Moreton in Marsh, GL56 9NQ



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Customer Profile – Steel Physique Sheffield

Steel Physique is an awesome gym that we supplied and installed a range of gym equipment and gym flooring for in Sheffield, South Yorkshire earlier this year. Steel Physique is the brainchild of friends Coel and Dom who created a facility to provide their members with a friendly and focused place to train, utilising outstanding facilities and equipment. The team at Steel Physique specialise in providing clients with an outstanding training experience, focussing on individual and specialist programming which caters to people of all abilities. 

We supplied and installed a wide range of Custom Made Gym Equipment, Strength Accessories and Gym Flooring. Check out images of the this amazing gym below: 

If you live in the South Yorkshire area and are looking for a Premium Gym with outstanding trainers and awesome facilities then contact Steel Physique today: 


11 Hoyland Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire. S3 8AB

Opening Hrs 

  • 6am – 9pm Mon-Friday
  • 8am – 2pm Sat – Sunday




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Customer Profile – Leighton Buzzard CrossFit

Leighton Buzzard CrossFit

Leighton Buzzard CrossFit is a Perfect Gym Solutions customer who opened their doors earlier this year and they are already making waves in the health and fitness industry around the Leighton Buzzard area. This outstanding facility is owned by Glen Tritton who has a massive passion for fitness and the community that is Crossfit. 

At Leighton Buzzard CrossFit the goal is to build strength, conditioning and total body fitness for people at all levels of fitness; whether you’re new to CrossFit or an experienced athlete.

Through constantly varied and challenging workouts, focused on functional fitness, you’ll test different parts of your strength and conditioning to build a body that’s capable of anything.

CrossFit workouts change every day and combine cardio, strength and movement designed to give you “functional fitness” and make you ready for whatever life throws at you. And because the team at Leighton Buzzard Crossfit take the time to understand clients specific goals, fitness level and physical condition, they scale group workouts to safely stretch you every day to see the results you want. 

Glen contacted Perfect Gym Solutions at the end of 2019 when the Box was still a building site. We supplied a wide range of equipment to help them create an outstanding facility. Check out some images of the box below. 

If you live in and around the Leyton Buzzard area and would like to find out more about this amazing Crossfit Box get in touch today: 


Bryants Lane Sports Ground
Bryants Lane, Heath and Reach
Leighton Buzzard

Call – 07960 135105

If you are looking to open a Crossfit Box, Strength and Conditioning Facility, Commercial Gym, Garage Gym or Personal Training Studio then get in touch with us today. 

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Customer Profile – Body & Mind Transformations Ammanford, South Wales

Body & Mind Transformations is located in Ammanford in South Wales.  We have been proud to assist them with gym design, equipment supply and the launch of their fantastic new facility. 

Body & Mind Transformations is the brain child of owner Edmund Warwick who has extensive experience and proven success in providing tailored exercise and dietary plans to a wide range of clients of all abilities in and around his local community. The programs Edmund delivers to his clients have enabled them to increase strength, lose weight, improve confidence and boost self belief through a truly holistic approach to wellbeing. 

Body & Mind Transformations believe that exercise, diet and mindfulness are the keys to unlocking maximum health and happiness.  Their superb new facility enables their clients to achieve optimum wellbeing. 


If you live in the Ammanford area (Near Swansea, South Wales) and would like to find out more about how Body & Mind Transformations can help you with your Strength, Fitness, Nutrition and Wellbeing, then contact them via the details below:

Edmund Warwick

Body & Mind Transformations
07766199279 | @edPTmale1

Body & Mind Transformations Customer Reviews

“An amazing support if you truly want to improve your emotional state as well as physical appearance. Thoroughly recommended!!!”

“Lost weight, gained strength, confidence and self-belief. Ed is a great coach”.
“Ed is a professional enthusiastic and knowledgeable PT. Starting my fitness journey was quite a scary process for me – I had a baby just 4 weeks prior but Ed made me feel at ease within the first week. Each session is planned before hand and is set to your individual ability. He encourages strengths and supports weaknesses and has made me see the can in can’t. I definitely recommend”.
“I’ve been training with Ed for a few years now, and can’t imagine ever not, it’s become such a part of my life. I was pretty clueless at first and was given a nutrition plan and taught all the basics including how to lift weights safely. Now about 3 years on i feel like a Completely different person. I’m confident that I can go to any gym and do my own thing. I have a good understanding about diet, I can write my own programmes and I’m always checking in with Ed to see what he thinks and always trust his advice. It’s never let me down”.

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Inferno Fitness Training Subscriptions

inferno subs

At Perfect Gym Solutions we love to support and promote some of the great work and services our clients offer to customers and the wider community of people wanting to improve health, strength, fitness & wellbeing. And Inferno Fitness in Hersham Surrey is just one of those gyms. 

Inferno Fitness has been a key customer of ours for a number of years and we are proud to support the launch of the Inferno Fitness Training Subscription Service

Inferno Fitness Training Subscriptions

Since opening Inferno Fitness in June of 2015, the small community based gym located in Hersham, Surrey has grown from strength to strength priding itself in being a staple part of the community of Hersham.  This inclusive gym caters to all those who want to make a difference in their lives and promote their health to be able to give them a better quality of life outside of the gym environment, supplying them with improved health metrics, more energy, lower stress levels and also a promoted quality of sleep.

The Founder, Luke Stapleton mentors and instils in his team the importance of putting their clients and members health first.  This is their collective driving force to make a difference in the amazing people they come in contact with.  Each with their own individual story to tell and journey to take towards whatever goal it is they may have.  Whilst, all the while being educated in how their bodies are designed to function, what health metrics they should be keeping an eye on and knowing that with any goal it is very much a long game.  The team at Inferno fitness want you to feel that you’ll never have to yoyo diet again, your nutrition protocols are sustainable and individualised to you and each day you are making steps towards your end goal.  Whether that be to drop body fat, build muscle, strength increases, mobility increases or an event that you’d like to train toward and compete in.

With that being said, Luke has been hard at work designing multiple intelligently built training programs which draws upon his 15 years’ worth of experience as a coach.  So, even if you’re not a member with Inferno Fitness, you can subscribe to one of the training programs to help you build toward your goals and help you to feel a part of this ever growing team and amazing community.

The Training subscriptions in detail can be found on their website, and the range from 3months to 12months training, these subscriptions are extremely affordable and amazing value for money starting at £25/month. 

3 Month subscriptions:

  • Inferno Glutes
  • Inferno Muscle
  • Inferno Pole Strong

6 Months:

  • Inferno Beach Bikini
  • Inferno Modified Strongman

12 Months:

  • Inferno Fat Loss in Gym
  • Inferno Fat Loss At home
  • Inferno Run
  • Inferno Strong

Rolling monthly:

  • Inferno Nutrition is a rolling monthly subscription to supplement your lifestyle and training requirements and aid in building you toward your overall goal

Inferno Online Coaching

This service delves into a lot more depth for you as an individual and supply’s you with weekly video call check in with your inferno coach which will keep you accountable as you’ll be required to send in progress pictures so your training and nutritional protocols can be adjusted as needed to keep you on track.

These are intelligently laid out subscriptions and I would encourage you to go and check them out, it might very well be the change you need to get you achieving the goals you have laid out.