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New to Perfect Gym Solutions Elitefts™ Legendary Strength Equipment

Perfect Gym Solutions is proud to be a supplier of the legendary range of strength equipment from the World famous elitefts™. 

Cofounded by Traci and Dave Tate, elitefts™ was born in 1998 with one simple goal: to make average athletes great and great athletes elite. From a brand to a culture, what started as a website solely providing a Q&A, articles, and seminars progressively transformed into a company that has been educating and outfitting the strongest athletes around the world for more than 20 years. 

The expertise developed over the 20 years has enabled elitefts™ to create some of the innovative and premium strength training equipment perfect for the toughest training environments. elitefts™ strength equipment is made to last meaning that your investment will last for many many years of the hardest training. 

At Perfect Gym Solutions we will be supplying elitefts™ outstanding range of Racks, Benches, GHD’s, Strength and Conditioning tools, Powerlifting accessories and premium Olympic and Speciality Training Bars. The elitefts™ range of equipment is custom made to order to the highest specification and finish. Check out some of this range below.  


ELITEFTS™ 3x3 Collegiate Power Rack
ELITEFTS™ Collegiate 0-90 Bench
ELITEFTS™ Signature Posterior Chain Developer PCD
ELITEFTS™ Tri Plyo Cube
elitefts™ TRI PLYO CUBE
ELITEFTS™ Signature Competition Bench
ELITEFTS™ Compact Dragging Sled
ELITEFTS™ American Cambered Grip Bar

Your ELITEFTS™ Gym is just one click away

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Pick up an awesome gift for Christmas with Perfect Gym Solutions. Racks, rigs, dumbbells, cardio equipment, rehab equipment and much more. 

Ab Mat (1)
UKSF Foam Rollers
UKSF Rubber Hex Dumbbell Sets
UKSF 2 Tier Kettlebell Rack1
UKSF Cast Iron Kettlebells
UKSF Adjustable Bench
UKSF Adjustable Bench
UKSF Wall Mounted Pull Up Bracket
UKSF Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar
MYO Sand Bag
York Fitness Exercise Wheel
York Fitness AB Wheel
York Fitness Olympic Heavy Duty Barbell Pad
Barbell Pad
BBE FS Bag Mitts
BBE FS Bag Mitts
Crossmaxx BigBoy Sandbag
Crossmaxx Big Boy Sandbag
Pacific X Fit Olympic Training Bar Black and Chrome
Pacific X Fit Olympic Training Bar
WaterRower A1 Studio Rowing Machine
WaterRower A1 Rowing Machine
York Barbell Medicine Balls
York Barbell FTS Flat - Incline Bench
UKSF Battling Rope
UKSF Battling Rope
BBE CLUB Leather 120 cm Punching Bag with Chains & Swivel
BBE CLUB Leather 1.2m Punch Bag
York Fitness Dipping Belt
UKSF Wall Balls
York 5000-SC Studio Training Bike
York Barbell 140KG Olympic Set
X-Fit Glute Ham Developer
X-Fit Glute Ham Developer
UKSF 4ft Single Bay Wall Mounted Rig
UKSF Single Bay Wall Mounted Rig
UKSF 14ft Wall Mounted Rig
UKSF 14ft Wall Mounted Rig
York Barbell Solid Rubber Black Bumper Plate Sets
Solid Black Bumper Plate Sets
UKSF Xebex Air Bike
UKSF Xebex Air Bike
Soft Land 3:1 Plyo Box
Soft Land 3:1 Plyo Box
Crossmaxx Runner PRO
Crossmaxx Runner PRO
UKSF Heavy Slam Balls 30kg - 70kg
UKSF Heavy Slam Balls 30-70kg
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Perfect Gym Solutions Installation – University of Surrey

University of Surrey

Perfect Gym Solutions were pleased to assist The University of Surrey Sport Science Department create a great strength facility. This installation coincided with the development of a brand new Science Lab.

The full range of the equipment we supplied is listed below.  

surrey 6
surrey 5
University of Surrey
surrey 7
surrey 10
surrey 9
surrey 8

To complete this installation we supplied the following strength equipment. 

If you are looking to upgrade or develop a strength and conditioning facility, at Perfect Gym Solutions we can design the space, advise the most beneficial and cost effective equipment, supply and then install your perfect gym. Complete the form below to find out how we can help. 

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Perfect Gym Solutions – Gym Flooring Guide

Gym Flooring

At Perfect Gym Solutions we offer a wide range of flooring options for your gym. Our range of gym flooring includes, 15mm, 20mm Flooring tiles which are perfect for strength and conditioning facilities and boxes to Artificial Prowler and Weightlifting Platforms.

Check out our list of the most popular flooring we have available here at Perfect Gym Solutions

Primal Series 20mm Tiles is by far our most popular gym flooring. Basic and brilliant floor covering, this should be the minimum entry for gym owners. Perfect for covering large areas in warehouse gyms and crossfit boxes. Set directly onto a solid and level concrete surface these tiles will protect both gym goers and equipment.

  • 1m x 1m x 20mm thick
  • 17kg per tile
  • Anti Slip Surface
  • Beveled perimeter edge providing tile effect
  • Simple installation. No adhesives require
  • Sound absorbent
  • Durable and Low Odour
University of Surrey

Premium 30mm 1m x 1m Weightlifting Tiles with Integrated Solid Oak Platforms. – If you are looking for a high impact professional weightlifting surface then this premium package is great for you. 

Suitable for all Commercial Gyms, College and University Strength rooms and any facility wanting to opt for a professional flush weightlifting are rather than regular integrated weightlifting platforms. 

  • High Impact Tiles 1m x1m 
  • 30mm Thick (other thicknesses are available) 
  • 1m x 1m – approx 20kg per tiles
  • 1m x 1m Ramp Edge Tiles also available
  • Solid Oak Platforms – Custom Made 1m Wide 1m/2m Length and 30mm, 40mm and 56mm thicknesses are available. 
Sled Track

Lined Indoor Gym Grass – Need a sprint track for all your speed and conditioning work? Our indoor Gym Grass comes in 2 lined options and variable lengths. 

  • 2m Width 
  • Available in 10m, 15m 20m 30m Lengths 
  • Great for Sprint, and Prowler/Sled Work 
  • Economic 
Mulco Speckle Series 1m x 1m 15mm Tile

Speckle Series Gym Flooring – The top surface on this tile is made using a rubber roll with high EPDM content. The surface is smooth making them easier to maintain. Like the Black Series tiles, under the compressed surface we have used recycled rubber granules to give the absorption properties required in gyms. They are excellent at absorbing impact from dropped weights and will provide a safe lifting surface in the gym.

  • Top layer – EPDM Rubber roll with 15% speckled
  • Beveled edge
  • Easy Clean
  • Anti Slip
  • Shock absorb
  • Simple install, no adhesives required
  • 15mm Thick
  • 1m Wide
  • Sold per 1m x 1m Length
UKSF Olympic Weightlifting Platform

UKSF Olympic Weightlifting PlatformThe UKSF Olympic platforms not only add style to your lifting areas but they help reduce noise, identify the lifting areas within your facility and help athletes prepare mentally for their lifts. 

The tiles are designed to reduce noise and vibrations. They have thick sound absorbing top layer and a softer granule base. This absorbs the vibrations, which reduces sound. 

The centre platform is a mix of birch plywood and oak, which is then secured in place with a steel bracket.  Our platforms come standard with band peg attachments to add some resistance style training to your programming. 3m x 2m and 30mm Thick. 

Need Gym Flooring for your facility get in touch today - Fill out the form below

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Perfect Gym Solutions Installation – Fly Fitness Bath

Perfect Gym Solutions are proud to supply the magnificent newly opened Fly Fitness in Bath with a wide range of Gym Equipment. This gym is truly spectacular and is set to become the Premier facility in this stunning city.

We supplied Fly Fitness with gym equipment for the following spaces in this great facility;

HIIT Room – Technogym SkillMills  x 4, TRX Suspension Trainers, Reebok Decks , York Barbell Rubber Hex Dumbbells. 

CV Room – Startrac 8 Series Treadmills x 4, WaterRower Club Series x 2, Air Assault Bike, 

Freeweight Room – 450kg Crossmaxx Competition Plates, York Barbell and Crossmaxx Olympic Bars, Integrated Custom Made Lifting Platforms, 1000kg York Barbell G2 Rubber Plates, Olympic Plate Storage. 

Studio – York Barbell Rubber Hex Dumbbells, Crossmaxx Resistance Bands, Soft Land Plyo, Battle Ropes and Crossmaxx Stretch Mats. 

Check the images of this installation out below. 

Fly Fitness HIIT Room
Technogym SkillMills
Fly Fitness HIIT Room
Cardio Room Startrac 8 Series Treadmill
Club Series WaterRowers
FLYFITNESS crossmaxx set
FLYFITNESS air assault

If you live in and around the City of Bath in the South West of England and would like to train in this outstanding facility find out more by following the links below;

Website –

Follow –

Opening a gym and require assistance with your design and equipment supply please contact Perfect Gym Solutions Today REQUEST A QUOTE

Looking to upgrade your gym? Check out our range – Buy Gym Equipment