Are you a new owner of a home gym or considering purchasing one? Do you require guidance on how to utilise the equipment effectively and maximise your fitness potential?

Perfect Gym Solutions offers a comprehensive Fitness Induction Service for individuals who have recently purchased or are thinking of buying home gym equipment.

Our training solution is tailored to help you get the most out of your fitness equipment, and a member of our team will visit your home to provide a comprehensive one-hour training session (with possible geographic restrictions).

During the session, we will coach you on how to safely, effectively, and efficiently use your equipment to achieve your fitness goals.

The trainer will discuss the session ahead and provide you with the following:

  1. Warm-up
  2. Induction
  3. Sample workout focused on your training goals
  4. Warm down  
  5. Feedback session with a Q&A section.

Our service costs £50 for a 1-hour induction and £75 for a 1-hour session with a follow-up one week later.

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