Home WOD Package


If you want your home gym to have the equipment you need to create the most intense workouts then the Perfect Gym Solutions Home WOD Package is just the thing for you.

This package isn’t just a random collection of equipment but provides what you need to cover all the basic lifts plus a huge amount of conditioning exercises.

The home WOD Package is also great for PT Studio’s, Small Gyms and Sports Teams.

This package includes:

  • York Barbell Men’s 7′ International Needle Bearing Olympic Bar (or 15kg Women’s Bars)
  • FTS Squat Press Stands
  • FTS Flat Bench
  • Solid Rubber Black Bumper Plates 20kg x 2
  • Solid Rubber Black Bumper Plates 10kg x 2
  • Solid Rubber Black Bumper Plates 5kg x 2
  • Hercules Cast Iron Kettlebell 8kg
  • Hercules Cast Iron Kettlebell 12kg
  • Hercules Cast Iron Kettlebell 16kg
  • Hercules Cast Iron Kettlebell 20kg

Home WOD Package