Crossmaxx ELITE Fractional Plates


Crossmaxx ELITE Fractional Plates

The Crossmaxx® ELITE fractional plates (coloured) are durable, high quality, official coloured Fractional plates (change plates) with a clear embossed, white text. The fractional plates are suitable for intensive commercial use. 

The ELITE fractional plates comply with all IWF standards (weight, colours and dimensions) which means they are suitable for use in competitions. 

The Crossmaxx® ELITE fractional plates (coloured) are available in the following KG: 

  • 0.5kg – Diameter =  13.5cm – thickness 1 cm (white)
  • 1kg – Diameter = . 16cm – thickness 1.3 cm (green)
  • 1.5kg – Diameter =  17.8cm – thickness 2 cm (yellow)
  • 2.00kg – Diameter = . 19cm – thickness 2.1 cm (blue)
  • 2.50kg – Diameter = . 21cm – thickness 2.1 cm (red)


Crossmaxx ELITE Fractional Plates


  • Weight tolerance: +/- 10grams
  • Hole diameter: 50.5 mm
  • Material: PU (polyurethane) en iron inside
  • Colour coded in accordance with IWF specifications
  • Suitable for weightlifting, powerlifting and CrossFit
  • Price is per item

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Crossmaxx® ELITE fractional plate 0.5kg (white), Crossmaxx® ELITE fractional plate 1kg (green), Crossmaxx® ELITE fractional plate 1.5kg (yellow), Crossmaxx® ELITE fractional plate 2kg (blue), Crossmaxx® ELITE fractional plate 2.5kg (red)