ELITEFTS™ Compact Dragging Sled

ELITEFTS™ Compact Dragging Sled


ELITEFTS™ Compact Dragging Sled


ELITEFTS™ Compact Dragging Sled

New and improved – an update of one of our all-time best sellers. All the benefits of the classic sled, now with a more compact design with removable post for the home gym owner and professionals with limited storage space.

Custom Made to Order – Lead time approx 4-6 weeks. 


ELITEFTS™ Compact Dragging Sled

elitefts™ Compact Dragging Sled

A new, improved version of one of our all-time best sellers. Sled and strap 100% American made.

It was true when we released our most popular dragging sled, and it’s still true now. If you’re not dragging a sled, you’re living in the dark ages. From strength to recovery to work capacity and more, this is a simple and cost-effective way to improve your performance.

We took the heavy-duty, built-to-last, 35-pound sled you know and love and made a simple change: We made the post detachable.

So what the hell does that do?

  • It buys you space. Whether you have a home gym or a professional facility, we know real estate is limited and you want to maximize the bang-for-your-buck of your real estate.
  • It buys you time. The detachable post makes weight removal and storage that much faster.
  • It buys you versatility. 

The features remain the same. The strong steel post can hold multiple Olympic plates and is secured by a heavy-duty bolt that will stand the test of time. The 1/4″ steel spacers allow for easy removal of plates.

All sleds ship with one heavy-duty nylon strap cut with an 8″ loop. This loop is made to fit through your belt, negating the need for a pulling hardness.

The S4 Compound Sled Dragging Recovery WorkoutL

  • Forward walking: 50 steps x 4 trips
  • Backward walking: 50 steps x 4 trips
  • Front Raise Dragging: 20 raises x 4 sets
  • Rear Raise Dragging: 20 raises x 4 sets
  • Ankle Dragging – 50 steps x 2 sets

This sled can be dragged on grass, turf and most concrete and asphalt surfaces. Reasonable scuffing and scratching will occur, both to the sled and the surface. elitefts™ is not liable for any damages incurred to these surfaces or to the sled.

Sled measures 18×24 inches. Weight post is 10 inches long.

Dave’s puke bucket not included.

For more ideas on how to implement the Compact Dragging Sled in your workouts and programming, read:

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