Extreme EX-PR-600 Power Rack


Extreme EX-PR-600 Power Rack

The EX-PR-600 is a solid based rack built to last. Perfect for the gym or studio who train for high performance athletes. Built with 6 uprights, this frame is heavy duty and will withstand constant heavy weights.

The front 4 uprights operate as a power rack with the 2 back uprights allow for storage. Great thing about this is that you do not lose the space in the cage allowing to add a bench inside and extra attachments. This frame can handle super heavy loads of around 700kg.

There are 8 storage pegs at the back will fit all your weights comfortably. We have plenty of different attachments for this rack. Head over to the attachment section to see the wide range we have to fully kit out this rack. The quality of this rack ensures long term durability which is why we offer a lifetime warranty for the frame (excludes surface finishing and general wear and tear). Whether you’re looking for small functional training set up or complete gym kit out, this Power Rack can be completely customised depending on your space, budget and training requirements.

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Extreme EX-PR-600 Power Rack


  • 3″ x 3″ Heavy Duty Uprights 
  • Weight Storage 
  • Heavy Base 
  • J Hooks 
  • Safety Squat Bars 
  • Pull Up Bars 
  • Dimensions LxWxH – 1670mm x 1250mm x 2350mm 

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