Extreme EX-SR-100 Squat Dip Rack


Extreme EX-SR-100 Squat Dip Rack

The EX-SR-100 Squat Rack helps focus on your squats. The adjustable spotter levers allow you to train with reassured safety. The dip bars are a great added feature. The EX-SR-100 is designed to hold the bar safe and secure as you focus on your squats. It is made from 2″ thick steel which is solid and stable.

It is fully adjustable in width (77cm – 117cm) to accommodate different bar lengths and can be shortened for dip workouts. The rack height can be adjusted from 93cm – 151cm and the spotter arms 63cm – 93cm. With a max weight load of 250kg, this rack is suitable for most gym users and fits perfect in any home gym.

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Extreme EX-SR-100 Squat Dip Rack


  • Built from heavy duty 50mm steel construction
  • Fully adjustable in width and height
  • 13 bar rest positions
  • 7 spotter levels
  • 10 width settings
  • Max weight load:250kg
  • Dip bars as added feature

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