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Free Standing Crossfit Rig




Free Standing Crossfit Rig


Free Standing Crossfit Rig

Mulco Free Standing Crossfit Rigs are high quality functional training systems which will bring a classic Box look to your facility. These Rigs are great for any type of Commercial or Garage Gym and due to the economic prices make them accessible for most facilities. 

These Free Standing Rigs come with 70×70 Box Section Steel Uprights, Close Hole Spacing, J hooks, Foot Plates, Straight Crossmembers and Pull Up Bars. They are bolt together systems which are bolted together. 

The following options are available; 

  • 2 Squat Bays
  • 4 Squat Bays 
  • 6 Squat Bays 
  • 8 Squat Bays 

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Free Standing Crossfit Rig 


  • Made using 75mm x 75mm x 3mm box steel
  • Height 2.5m
  • Numbered hole identification
  • Protected j hooks
  • Tough coat powder coat paint for grip and protection
  • Modular

Pull up bar 1m wide connecting bar between squat racks 1.8m long Bars. The rig width is 1.8 but can be reduced to 1.2 if required.


  • 2 bay  – 1.23m wide, 1m deep, 2.5m high
  • 4 bay – 4.26m wide, 1m deep, 2.5m high
  • 6 bay  – 7.29m wide, 1m deep, 2.5m high
  • 8 bay  – 10.3m wide, 1m deep, 2.5m high

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2 Squat Bay, 4 Squat Bays, 6 Squat Bays, 8 Squat Bays

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