Origin axle bar

Origin Axle Bar


Origin Axle Bar


The Origin Axle Bar provides a challenging twist on traditional barbell exercises, the increased demand on grip strengthening the wrists and forearms.

The Axle bar has an extra chunky 50mm shaft diameter (regular Olympic/Powerlifting bars are 28-29mm). For reference, the sleeve diameter on a regular Olympic barbell is 50mm. The Axle bar features knurling similar to traditional Olympic barbells to improve grip

Axle Bar Exercises and Usage

The Axle Bar has its roots in the world of strongman, where it could often put to use with wagon wheels or alternative plates. Our axle bar however, fits traditional Olympic size weight plates.

Beyond the additional grip challenge, another thing you’ll experience when training with the Axle bar is the fact that there is no rotation in the sleeves. This feels slightly different to those used to the rotation, forcing more varied activation, even in traditional movements like squats.

Common exercises with the Axle bar would include:

  • Deadlifts
  • Rack Pulls
  • Axle Bar Holds
  • Clean and Press
  • Overhead/Strict Presses

Weights sold separately


Materials Brushed Steel with a Polished Chrome finish
Maximum Load Capacity 317kg (700lb)
Handle Diameter 50mm
Overall Length 2130mm
Sleeve Coating Chrome
Commercial Warranty Details We provide a 12-month warranty against manufacturing defects under the condition that they have been used and maintained correctly in line with our Barbell Warranty Conditions and definitions below.The definition of used correctly:
1.1 Weight loading not exceeding max capacity outlined in specifications
1.2 Bars are not left loaded with weights
1.3 Bars are only used with proper weight plates*
1.3 Use is only on a proper weightlifting platform**
1.4 Bars are not dropped on boxes, benches, spotter arms or similar.The definition of maintained correctly:
2.1 Chalk is cleaned regularly from the bar in line with our barbell maintenance guidelines.
2.2. Bars are regularly oiled to prevent rusting and to ensure correct lubrication in line with our guidelines.*We class proper weight plates as rubber or polyurethane bumper weight plates designed for use with an Olympic bar. Steel plates or handled weight discs do not fall into this category.**We class a proper weightlifting platform as a designated area where weights are dropped only on a rubberised drop zone with minimum depth 40mm.
Weight 16kg
Warranty Type Commercial Warranty
Condition New

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