Origin Performance Series Half Rack1

Origin Performance Series Half Rack


Origin Performance Series Half Rack


The new Performance Series (Half Rack, Power Cage and Full Power Rack) has been designed in the UK by our in-house team. Their brief was simple. To offer the ultimate combination of product performance, customisation and value for money for facilities serious about strength and conditioning.

We have aimed to increase the structural durability of the series, giving elite/high-performance facilities the confidence they need in their equipment. At the same time, we have created a monster range of attachments to allow coaches and facility managers the ability to add-on, develop and tailor their offering to meet their unique requirements.

  • Comprehensive attachment, storage and platform options
  • Robust steelwork for exceptional structural durability
  • 75mm x 75mm x 3mm Steel (11 Gauge)
  • Zinc plated grade 8.8 M24 hardware to withstand the toughest environments
  • Customisation on colour and branding plate is available
  • Connecting capability to link multiple racks via storage shelves
  • Hole spacing is 50mm on the front and side faces of the uprights, allowing easy adjustability
  • Powder-coated matte black as stock
  • Spotter arms, pair of j-hooks, plate storage pegs, pull up bar and brand plate included


Manufacturer Origin Fitness
Condition New
Dimensions 1555mm x 1395mm x 2298mm
Weight 183.1 (no attachments)
Racking Position Distance 50mm
Finish Powder Coated
Floor Fixing Points Yes
Weight Plate Storage Pegs Four Included
Box Section 75mm x 75mm
Steel Guage 3mm (11 Gauge Steel)
Band Pegs Available
J-hooks Two Included
Spotter Arms Two Included
Pull Up Bars Straight Bar Included
Olympic Bar Holders Available
Warranty Type Commercial Warranty
Commercial Warranty Details Frame – 5 Years

Attachments – 1 Year

Usage Guidance


  • Performance Series racks should be bolted securely to a suitable subfloor, helping to ensure stability and that the rack does not move when heavy loads are dropped or unloaded onto the frame. Floor mounting guidelines will be provided upon order.
  • Plates should be stored such that the heaviest items are at the bottom of the upright. This increases stability of the rack and is safer when loading/offloading.
  • All bolted connections should be checked periodically to ensure the fasteners are tightly affixed.
  • Before starting any bar work, the user should thoroughly ensure their j-hooks/spotter arms/attachments are securely locked in place and that the equipment they are about to use is secured properly to mitigate injury risk.
  • If retaining pins are missing for any attachment or safety bar, the item in question should be immediately removed from use and service@originfitness.com should be contacted.
  • Do not exceed the load ratings for any rated component, see above. Doing so can result in serious injury and equipment damage.
  • Beware the possibility of trapped fingers/crushed hands when using swinging/moving attachments, as these frequently rest against the upright when not in use and/or between reps.
  • Always ensure the Olympic bar is seated properly in the bar holder when using attachments that include this.

Max Loading Capacity


  • J-Hooks – 839.15kg
  • Spotter Arms – 390kg
  • Flip Down Safety Arms (Stock Safety Arms) – 680.4kg
  • Spotter Pins – 317.5kg
  • Safety Straps – 4535.9kg
  • Jammer Arm – 272.15kg
  • Dip Attachment – 589.7kg
  • Step Attachment – 272.5kg