Taurus Multi-Gym Machine WS7

Taurus Multi-Gym Machine WS7


Taurus Multi-Gym Machine WS7


Taurus Multi-Gym WS7: Effective strength training at home.

Being a multi-gym, the Taurus Multi-Gym WS7: allows for a lot of exercises for the chest, arms, shoulders, abs, legs, and back. Almost all muscle groups can be trained on different elements of the Taurus Multi-Gym WS7. Do leg extensions and leg curls on the leg module. The sturdy press allows to do rowing exercises and trains the chest and shoulders.

The grip possibilities of the press on this new version of the Taurus Multi-Gym WS7 have been extended. Each different grip allows another angle for doing the exercise, so that single muscle parts are challenged. Such precise training is usually only possible with free weights. Thus, exercising with the Taurus Multi-Gym WS7 is much safer and more comfortable.

The Taurus Multi-Gym WS7 comes with a wide range of accessories so that you can start your training at home immediately. The multi-gym has a lat station incl. a high-quality lat bar for effective back training. It provides a neck trainer and a strap for abdominal workouts on the multi-gym as well. Strength handles and a thickly padded foot strap complete the equipment.

The Taurus WS7 comes with a 90kg weight stack which is comprised of 15 x 6kg weight plates.

The multi-gym has comfortable upholstery, its backrest is 8 times adjustable. Pulleys on the cable pulls have ball bearings for a perfectly smooth “run” while exercising on the multi-gym.

The Taurus Multi-Gym WS7 is of sturdy construction, all parts are neatly welded and perfectly arranged. This increases durability and safety for strength training at home.


Key Features:

  •  Therapeutic and sport specific training on the cable module
  •  Easy and safe adjustment of the press, leg module, and the cable pulls
  •  Plastics encased cable: smooth run, higher durability
  •  Thick upholstery, backrest is 8 times adjustable
  •  Powder varnish


  • Brand: Taurus
  • SKU: SEMG2490
  • MPN: TO-179 (TF-WS7-2
  • Condition: new
  • Weight: 180kg
  • Maximum User Weight: 150kg
  • Dimensions Open: 220x132x212cm (LxWxH)

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