UKSF 20kg Cronos Olympic Barbell

UKSF 15kg Cronos Olympic Barbell


UKSF 15kg Cronos Olympic Barbell


UKSF 15kg Cronos Olympic Barbell

Welcome the new generation of the UKSF Cronos barbell, Cronos 3.0! Combining high quality with affordable prices. The Cronos barbell is perfect for Olympic weightlifting and high repetition workouts.

The shaft is now finished with our new smooth black hard chrome finish for a more natural feel while lifting and comes with hard chrome sleeves

The combination of bushing and needle bearings produces an extremely robust and free spinning sleeve. This combined with a steel that offers outstanding whip but with enough rigidity to allow for powerlifting movements.

The addition of a groove in the sleeve enables athletes and coaches to more easily identify and differentiate bars by changing out the bands. The bar comes standard with UKSF-branded bands, but you can swap them out with any custom, personalized band that matches the dimensions.


UKSF 15kg Cronos Olympic Barbell

UKSF specialise in supplying functional sporting equipment to a range of institutes, from CF boxes and bootcamps to military establishments


Tried, tested and developed over four years. The Cronos barbell has been used by some of the words greatest lifters. The whip combined with high-quality flexy steel produces a barbell that challenges some of the worlds most prestigious brands 


Why pay more? We have created a barbell that combines the highest quality materials with a price tag that is very modest compared to our competitors. Just check out our spec sheet 


We are so confident in the quality of our Barbells that we offer a market leading warranty on all of our Cronos range, to help give you the customer peace of mind.

Bar use Weightlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Multipurpose
Weight 15KG
Diameter 25 MM
Knurling marks Dual
Finish Black chrome sleeves and hard chrome collars
Sleeve fixings Needle bearings & bushing combination
Tensile strength 190,000 PSI

UKSF 20kg Cronos Olympic Barbell4


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Weight – 15KG, Diameter – 25MM, Knurling Marks – Dual, Finish Black Zinc and Hard Chrome Sleeve, Needle Bearings & Bushing Combination, Tensile Strength 190,000PSI

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