The armoury

UKSF The Armoury


UKSF The Armoury


The armoury is our new all in one modular fitness rig and pully system. Made from high quality 75 x 75 x 3mm gauge steel. The rack is complete with spotting arms, J-hooks, wall ball storage, dumbbell storage, kettlebell storage, bumper plate storage and a 100kg weight stacked lat pull down and seated row machine. 

The armoury is either sold bare (as above) or complete, which includes a barbell, 150kg bumper plate set, 8,12,16,20,24kg kettlebells, 5,10,15,20kg dumbbell sets, 3,6,9kg wall balls, UKSF adjustable bench, lock jaw collars and a landmine attachment. 

The armoury allows for 2/3 people to train on the rack at any one time. The rack is fully modular and can be customised to fit the client’s space. Perfect for garage gyms, PT studios and commercial gyms. 



  • 75 x 75 x 3mm gauge steel 
  • Laser cut j-hook numbers 
  • 100kg lat/seated row machine
  • 2500mm wide x 1230mm deep x 2740mm (dimensions can be customised) 
  • Commercial warranty 


Rack comes standard with:

  • Spotting arms 
  • J hooks 
  • Wall ball storage 
  • Kettlebell storage 
  • Dumbbell storage 
  • Bumper plate storage 
  • Lat/seated row machine 

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