York Barbell Pro-Style Dumbbell Packs & Racks 2.5-25kg

Pro Style Dumbbells - 2.5-25

YORK Barbell Pro-Style Packs & Racks 2.5-25kg (2.5kg increments plus ) Highly durable, ergonomically designed premium commercial dumbbells, used throughout the world by professional sports teams and strength and conditioning facilities.

The York Pro-Style Dumbbell features a shortened and fully knurled 33mm solid steel handle for optimum control. Soft, non-metallic shoulders at either end of the bar cradle the hand ensuring a comfortable grip.

This ergonomic design helps improves balance and control and reduces hand and forearm fatigue through over gripping. Solid steel heads welded to the centre bar and encased with our durable formulae of rubber will increase the longevity of the dumbbell as well as reducing impact noise and protecting floor coverings if dropped. The solid steel handle passes through the heads and is welded permanently, joining the head to the handle before the moulding process.

This set package incorporates:

• 10 x Pairs of dumbbells 2.5kg – 25kg in 2.5kg increments.

• 1 x 2-Tier Saddle Rack.

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